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This 5,000 square foot residence, providing the setting for work, daily living and play, explores a full range of “green,” sustainable technologies, including: geothermal HVAC, foam-in-place insulation, windows constructed of reclaimed cypress, vegetated roof, rain-screen wall construction, cistern for storm-water collection and landscape watering, efficient lighting, water-saving plumbing, and segregating functions that allow portions of the house to be closed off when only partially occupied. The four-bedroom house compound includes combination living/kitchen areas, dining/library, master bedroom/home office and a 2-bedroom guest wing. Opportunities to expand life into the outdoors include screen porch, second floor terraces, and a deck level pool.


One arrives at the house having wandered through the dappled shade of second growth forest. The house entrance, not obvious, is announced by the broad angular copper bay raising its end at a cornered stone entry court. The forms and spaces, sculpted to the landscape and the sunlight, are a labyrinth of light/dark, refined/raw, severe/delicate, and transparent/opaque.

At once a spectacle and a celebration, this house is a cultural micro-urbanity, where technology merge home and office and where landscape and artifact combine.


This isolated parcel, long and narrow, has a distinctive edge at its northern boundary between the expansive coastal landscape and the intimacy of the deep second-growth maritime forest.